Our Services
  1. Catheter Extrusions
    Catheter Extrusions
    Our core competency is to manufacture the most challenging medical tubing in the industry. We process a wide range of high performance materials to meet the most challenging applications.
  2. Secondary Operations
    Secondary Operations
    We provide a wide range of support services required for catheter manufacturing. These include tip forming, flaring, hole punching, machining, ultrasonic cleaning, bonding, and many more.
  3. Assembly & Packaging
    Assembly & Packaging
    Take advantage of our low cost option for assembly and packaging. We help customers exceed cost targets by utilizing our flexible workforce, machine automation, and streamlined operations.
  1. Product Design & Development
    Product Design & Development
    Our expertise in polymer and material science is an excellent resource for our customers. We will collaborate closely with your engineering team, in order to optimize your product design’s manufacturability, durability and quality. From material selection, to tooling design, all the way to rapid prototyping, AP Technologies is ready to assist you in bringing your product to market.
  2. Testing & Validations
    Testing & Validations
    We provide in-house testing services and can recommend solutions for quality test plans, test reports, and device protocols. Our team is 100% focused in medical and our experienced QA team can assist you in meeting any regulatory and risk mitigation requirements backed by comprehensive and complete documentation. We offer our expertise with any FDA, CE, CFDA requirements you may have.
  3. Mass Production
    Mass Production
    We offer the best mass production value in the medical device industry. AP Technologies has streamlined its manufacturing process to reduce cost, optimize efficiency, and deliver unparalleled value for your mass production needs. We utilize the latest technology in order to guarantee exceptional precision and repeatability.